The Craig Cup Run for Life is a 5K cross-country running race for recreational runners and held annually the 2nd weekend in October at Twin Brook Recreation Area in Cumberland, Maine. We are pleased to announce that the 2011 race again serves as the USATF-ME 5K XC championship.

The race is held in memory of father and daughter Rob and Katie Craig from Cumberland Maine. Rob and Katie were both dedicated runners and cross country skiers. Despite leading rich lives full of academic, artistic, and athletic accomplishment, both were overcome by mental illness and took their own lives.

The Craig Cup Run for Life represents a chance to memorialize Rob and Katie through a sport they both cherished. For participants who never knew them personally, this is an opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers of mental illness; to sympathize with those afflicted; and to raise funds for organizations committed to suicide prevention and crisis intervention.

All proceeds from the Craig Cup will go to Youth Alternative Ingraham, a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering a full spectrum of social services and mental health care to individuals that begins prenatally and continues throughout the life span.